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Title: Three Halves
Characters/Pairing: Jason Todd/Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown
Rating: PG-13
Words: 584
Summary: Jason and Steph come to an understanding
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] greeneyelove's Threesomes...Or More!!! Challenge

Jason didn't like prowlers, and he didn't like to share. He definitely didn't like mysterious figures skulking around his apartment and catching glimpses of his girlfriend. And once he unmasked Spoiler as the genuine article on the tenth night she showed up, his feelings didn't exactly soften. Nothing seemed to stay dead in Gotham(and yes, he was fully aware of the irony of this comment), and he didn't want anyone taking Cass away from him.

Cass felt differently. She loved Jason, just as she loved Steph. She had finally allowed herself to open her heart again, only to find her first love alive again. And neither of the people who had shared her bed seemed willing to compromise, from the looks on their face. At this point, the claws came out. Jason tried to scare Steph out of Gotham, terrorizing her apartment at night. Steph dug up Jason's arrest warrants and tried to drive him underground. Neither of them were pulling their punches. And when efforts to scare the other away failed, they just went at each other directly. Cass didn't know who she was pulling for, but she was particularly proud of Steph. The girl she knew before never would have been able to match Jason Todd blow for blow.

If Cass had known it would end the war, she would have gotten in between them and gotten hurt a lot sooner. It was just a sprained ankle, but it was enough to snap Jason and Steph out of their anger long enough to take care of her. It wasn't immediate, but Cass could see each of them come to the slow realization that the other one loved her just as much as they did, and neither of them were going away. Steph came to it sooner, but that just made it all the sweeter when Jason did. They both seemed to accept that Cass would never be able to choose between her two loves, and they were willing to share her. That was all Cass had wanted, and even she was surprised to see what happened next. Slowly, Steph was seeing in Jason the same things she saw in Cass - the same damaged soul needing someone to make it whole. And Jason began to be won over by the light that always seemed to be surrounding Steph, that never-dying sense of hope that made it impossible not to love her. Cass knew she was taking a chance the first time she asked them both to share her bed that night. She was as surprised as anyone when they said yes.

It had been about six months when everything changed again. Steph was the first one to notice, when Cass' "stomach flu" didn't go away quickly enough. It may have been Jason's baby growing inside Cass, but Steph was the one who held her hair for her during her morning sickness, who took her shopping for maternity clothes. She had been there before, and as much as Jason tried, he could never truly understand the way she did. In Cass' mind, the baby was just as much Steph's as it was Jason's, and that's exactly the way she wanted it. And now, as Cass lay on the couch with Jason rubbing her feet while Steph cuddled up to her stomach waiting for a kick, Cass reflected that these three strange broken halves had created one incredibly perfect whole.


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