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Title: Sister Act
Fandom: DC Universe
Characters: Jennifer Pierce, Anissa Pierce, Grace Choi, Courtney Whitmore/Maxine Hunkel, Alan Scott, Ted Grant.
Rating: PG
Words: 2286
Summary: Living up to an older sibling is never easy. Especially not when that sibling kicks this much ass.
Author's Notes: Written for [personal profile] isilweth for [community profile] help_haiti. I apologize that it's a little late, but I wound up getting a LOT of bids. @_@ This doesn't deal with most of everything going on with the Outsiders in recent times. JSA is current to around the end of Johns' run, and ignores anything in the Willingham/Sturges books.

"Watch your back!"

Lightning spun around when she heard her sister call out, just in time to blast the armored thug that was sneaking up behind her. "Thanks! These guys are relentless!"

"They're evil minions." Thunder laughed as she punched the ground with the force of a meteor strike, sending the armored goons flying. "I'm pretty sure for each one we take out, ten more take his place." She looked up at the sky. "Looks like our backup is here."

Suddenly, a tall figure clad in flight gear jumped out of a plane flying overhead and crashed into the battlefield. She jumped up and proceeded to demolish the entire army of villains in about ten seconds. As the villains yelled to fall back and made an attempt to escape - only to run head-first into a small army of police stationed aside, the figure took off her helmet.

"Cutting it close there, Grace." Anissa grinned as she sidled up to her girlfriend and kissed her passionately.

"What can I say? No one makes an entrance like me." Grace laughed as she looked behind Anissa to see Jennifer blushing at their kiss. "You brought the little sib along?"

"Impromptu family team-up. When she asked me what I was doing, I didn't think she was going to follow me."

"I'm right here." Jennifer pouted. "I kind of wanted to see how you guys kick butt and take names, Outsiders style."

"Well, we're not really the Outsiders anymore - "

"Although if you look at the Outsiders lately, that's probably a good thing." Grace elbowed Anissa playfully.

"I know, I know." Jennifer grinned. "But still. The JSA is great, but the adults try their best to keep us out of the big fights until we've finished our training. I've wanted to be a hero since my powers developed - I might as well get something out of the fact that I've blown up 13 Iphones - and I felt like it's time to get in the thick of things." She looked around at the unconscious minions strewn around the battlefield. "And taking out a whole Kobra nest definitely fits the bill."

"You know dad's totally going to kill you if he finds out you were fighting crime outside of JSA supervision, right?"

"Yeah, and I also know no one's going to tell him, because I know tons of secrets about them that he would flip out over!" Jennifer stuck her tongue out at her sister.

"Well played, sis." Jennifer grinned. "But we're heading into a Kobra base next, and there's no way I'm letting you deal with that."

"Fine." Jennifer pouted. "I suppose I'd better get back before Jay and Alan notice I'm gone anyway."

"And we've got some bad guys to smash. Once Kobra's finished, I was thinking we could clean up downtown Opal City before we hit the clubs." Grace laughed as she draped an arm around Anissa. "Shall we? I love kicking ass with my girl."

"Always." She turned to Jennifer before they left. "Call you when I get in, little sis."

Jennifer sighed as Anissa and Grace got into Grace's car and disappeared for parts unknown. She had always admired her sister's take-charge attitude, even if her slightly distant attitude was annoying. She couldn't help but feel like this was what she was supposed to be doing - fighting crime on her own terms, instead of being stuck in what felt like a superhero version of high school.


Courtney lay her head in Maxine's hair as the red-haired girl played with her hair.

"I don't know, Max. I haven't messed with my hair in years. You think - "

"Oh, totally! You'll look great! I always had a thing for girls with braided hair, and I think you'd look really cute, and - I'm talking too fast again, huh?"

"Just a little." Courtney grinned as she sat up and gave Maxine a soft, lingering kiss. "Fortunately, I know exactly how to stop that."

The kiss was suddenly broken up as the door slammed behind them. Jennifer breathed heavily, looking around.

"Jay, Alan, and Ted are dealing with business at the Watchtower." Courtney laughed. "You're in the clear."

"Where were you anyway? Whenever anyone goes missing around here, I usually assume supervillain kidnapping." Maxine asked. "I was just about ready to call in reinforcements."

"Don't worry, I was just having an impromptu team-up with my sister. We cleaned up some Kobra goons, I got a little more hands-on experience, and we called it an afternoon."

"Your dad would go nuclear if he knew you were taking on Kobra." Courtney giggled. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with us."

"I would have gone with Anissa and Grace to their headquarters, but they wouldn't let me. Just as well - don't need to push my luck with how long I'm gone."

"Or, you know, surviving a Kobra base." Courtney's face turned serious for a second. "I've been with the JSA a few years, and Kobra still freaks me out sometimes. What they did to Opal City..."

Jennifer crossed her arms. "Yeah, I guess. I just kind of like to push myself, see what I'm capable of. Anissa was only a few years older than me when she started out, and she didn't go through this training. And she's doing pretty well for herself."

"Didn't she just get out of a coma?" Maxine asked innocently.

"Hasn't Wildcat died like seven times?" Jennifer retorted. "Most heroes go through some close calls. But the second she woke up, she was back out there as soon as she could, fighting the good fight. Same for my dad - he's had a tough time, but he never lost sight of what he wanted to do. I guess...that's just what I'm searching for here. What kind of hero am I going to be?"

"The kind that'll be grounded for life, if GL catches you doing freelance heroing again." Courtney quipped.

"Okay, okay..." Jennifer tossed a pillow at her roommate's head. "Point taken. Fortunately, I've got two roomies with a secret of their own, right?"

The three girls high-fived. Yes, there were definitely some things that the older JSA members didn't need to know.


Jennifer's alarm went off as sun peeked through the window blinds, and she fumbled to shut it off. Thanks to the gloves Mr. Terrific designed, she was able to make contact with electrical objects she could hold in her hands - assuming she remembered to keep them on, and they didn't touch any other part of her body. Reaching for her cell phone, she checked the voice mail. No messages. Anissa had promised to call in as soon as the mission was over. She scanned the news, and couldn't find any reports of either Thunder or Grace fighting crime in Opal City last night - or anywhere for that matter. Something was wrong.

"Court. Max. Wake up!"

"Nnn...What is it?" Courtney sat up as Maxine rolled over next to her.

"It's my sister. She never made it back last night, and I'm worried. I mean, she was taking on Kobra, and like you said, they're serious."

"It doesn't necessarily mean anything's happened, though, right? They could have just gotten caught up somewhere, or forgot to call." Courtney asked. "I know my mom panicked a few times when I was late. I knew I was fine, and it's easy to lose track."

"Yeah, but I can't find any reports of them anywhere." Jennifer wrung her hands. "I mean, I think I should call my dad or something. I'm pretty sure I know where the base they were going to was."

"Or we could go rescue them!" Maxine suddenly piped up. Courtney and Jennifer spun around.

"Max!" Courtney sighed.

"I know, I know. Totally breaking the rules. But this is our roomie's sister here! If we tell everyone, there's going to be a whole big storming-the-castle moment, and that never goes well in the movies."

"You know..." Jennifer said, rubbing her forehead. "We do have a pretty good balance of skills. Courtney's faced off against Kobra before. And we might stand a better chance of getting in undetected."

Courtney shook her head, but reached under her bed to pick up the cosmic rod. She had her doubts about this situation, but if her friends were going to charge into the snake's den, she was damn well going to follow.


Anissa struggled against the metal bonds keeping her chained to the wall in the basement of Kobra headquarters.

"If the circumstances were a little different, I'd say that you looked really sexy chained up." Grace cracked as she stared at her girlfriend from the opposite wall.

"How can you be thinking about that right now?" Anissa yelled, more than a little exasperated. "We're trapped down here! I can't believe those idiots got the drop on us."

"I'm not worried. First up, when they come back, I've got at least five ways to knock out whatever poor sap they send to interrogate us. And second - do you really think that crazy sister of yours isn't going to figure out a way to rescue us, if it comes to that?"

Anissa's thoughts went to the idea of Jennifer charging into a Kobra headquarters unprepared. "Not making me feel better here, Grace."


Breaking into the Kobra base had been easier than expected, thanks to Jennifer trying to hack the keypad with bare hands. A momentary lack of concentration had blacked out the entire compound. Courtney commented that supervillains really need to invest in better surge protectors, but it was working in their favor.

"Looks like this is the holding area. If they're in here, it's probably nearby." Jennifer said as she peeked around a hallway. "We just need to hope that there aren't any - "


" - defenses! Great!" Jennifer yelled as what seemed like a thousand robotic snakes poured out of holes in the wall, lunging at the three girls and shooting green acid out of their mouths.

"We'll hold them off!" Courtney yelled as she blasted at several with her cosmic rod. "You go find your sister!"

Maxine created a gust of wind that tangled up dozens of the robotic attackers and swept them away. As she flew forward, Jennifer unleashed a burst of electricity that fried the circuits of about half the snakes. Hopefully her friends could hold off the rest until she'd found them some reinforcements...

Anissa and Grace heard the sound of fighting outside the cell door. Suddenly, the door blasted open and Jennifer, crackling with electricity, flew into the room. Blowing out the circuitry on the high-tech chains holding them, she soon had both of them free.

"Told you I should have come with you." Jennifer grinned. "Now let's get out of here."

As Jennifer, Anissa and Grace made their way out of the cells, Courtney and Maxine's battle with the robo-snakes could be heard ending, as Courtney blasted the last of them away. As they turned the corner, Courtney was sitting on the floor, clutching her ankle as Maxine hovered over her.

"What happened? Did one of them bite you?" Jennifer asked as she rushed over to Courtney's side.

"No." Courtney rolled her eyes. "I tripped over one of the ones I just blasted." She picked up the de-activated metal snake and tossed it at the wall. "Not my best moment."

"Well, at least we - "

Suddenly, the doors opened again, and what seemed like hundreds of Kobra minions ran into the room, pointing weapons, yelling at them to surrender. Jennifer charged up her electric field, Anissa got ready to rock the floor, Courtney leaned on Maxine's shoulder as they got ready to unleash a combined blast of cosmic rod and gale-force wind, and Grace cracked her knuckles with the look of a tiger sizing up its prey. Kobra had picked the wrong girls to mess with on the wrong day.


Alan Scott sighed as he placed the newspaper down on the table. The headline, JSA teens bust Kobra base, was plastered all over the front page.

"Well? Do you three have anything to say for yourself? Two of you aren't cleared for solo missions yet, and Courtney, you know better than to take trainees into a mission this dangerous!"

Ted scratched his head as he looked over the headline. "Still, it was pretty impressive. Takin' out Kobra all by themselves..."

"United front, Wildcat." He turned back to the girls. "As there was a family emergency, consider this a very stern warning. Next time something like this happens, I expect you to get the full JSA involved. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." Maxine nodded seriously. "But still...taking down a Kobra base, that's pretty cool, right?"

"Don't push your luck." Alan said as he and Ted turned to leave, hiding the smile on his face. "And Jennifer...your father gets this paper, doesn't he?"

Jennifer gulped. That was one phone call she wasn't looking forward to.

"Hey, at least you've got bragging rights no matter what, huh?" Courtney grinned as she got up and balanced on her crutches. "Your dad might be pissed - I know mine will be - but you were awesome today."

"Yeah, your sister might do a lot of good, but you're well on your way." Maxine nodded. "Oh, man! I still can't believe we pulled that off!"

"Neither can I!" Jennifer laughed. The three girls exchanged high-fives. It had been a crazy day, but the world was a little safer, not to mention her family. And she was totally never going to let Anissa live it down that she was rescued by her little sis. After all, what were sisters for?

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